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Trison is a worldwide leader in sensory marketing for retail areas.

Type of Operation



Portobello Fund III

Investment date

April 2016


Digital signage

Sensory marketing intends to appeal to senses with the purpose of creating sensory experiences through video, audio, essences, radio frequency and interactivity.

Trison designs and implements integral solutions to create nearest and technological on-site points of sale that will transform the “in store” customer experience. Trison creates and develops the design and installation of hardware, software, content management, content production and provides a proper after sales service.

Trison is a global supplier with 20 years of experience within the sector and over 9.000 carried out works. This Company based in La Coruña has a strong international presence, provides service in over 80 countries and has offices, warehouses and showrooms all over the world, in countries such as Spain, China, Mexico, United States and Russia.

Why did we invest in Trison?

  • Strong market growth – Industry boosted by incipient transformation of retail point of sale across all verticals (apparel, hospitality, banking, etc
  • Quantitative leaps:
    • Capture of new large accounts
    • Growing penetration in key accounts over time
    • Potential M&A opportunities
  • Industry Leader in Europe, 85% of sales are exports