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We aim to maximize
value on a consistent
and responsible basis.

Portobello Capital's priority is to maximize the risk-adjusted return for its investors and partners through a disciplined methodology with proven results, based on three pillars:

We seek proprietary transactions

  • Our experience and network allow us to proactively identify a large number of opportunities
  • We offer a wide variety of capital solutions for all types of operations
  • We have flexibility and creativity to adapt to the needs of all stakeholders

We invest in leading companies with high growth potential

  • Companies in market niches with high-growth and non-cyclical characteristics
  • Leading companies, showing clear competitive advantages and high potential
  • We collaborate with top-level management teams, shareholders and partners

We drive growth and value creation

  • Organic growth through new strategic plans, internationalization, and professionalization
  • Industry consolidation through acquisitions supported by Portobello's experience
  • Implementation of responsible policies to help build more sustainable businesses and deliver better results for all stakeholders

Value creation mainly driven by growth

Investment Funds

Portobello Capital has c. €2.5bn Assets under Management.

Portobello Fund III

375 M€

Primary buyout fund raised in 2014

Status: partially divested

Portobello Secondary Fund I

422 M€

Secondary buyout fund raised in 2015

Status: partially divested

Portobello Fund IV

600 M€

Primary buyout fund raised in 2017

Status: investment phase

Portobello Structured Partnerships I

250 M€

Primary fund for minority stakes

Status: investment phase

Portobello Secondary Fund II

350 M€

Secondary buyout fund raised in 2021

Status: invested

Portobello Coinvestment Fund

150 M€

Primary buyout coinvestment fund raised in 2020

Status: investment phase

Portobello Carbono Verde SCR, SA

58 M€

Fund raised in 2022

Status: investment phase


Institutional International investors account for 87% of funds commitments. The remaining 13% are Spanish investors, mostly institutional.

Investors by Type

  • Fund of Funds 41%
  • Pension Fund 19%
  • Financial Institution 12%
  • Public Investor
  • Family Office 8%
  • Insurance Company 6%
  • Asset Manager
  • Others 5%

Inverstors by Region

  • Europe 65%
  • USA 20%
  • Spain 13%
  • Middle East 3%

See documento PRIIP PCV SCR SA