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Ramón Sabater is a world leader in manufacturing, processing and distribution of paprika

Type of Operation



Portobello Fund III

Investment date

March 2016


Processing and distribution of spices

Ramón Sabater produces eight of its varieties highlighting the sweet paprika, cayenne and chili powder, and a large number of different spices and herbs for the food industry.

The company is based in Murcia, and has offices in USA (Miami) and China (Qingdao), the company exports 90% of its sales and its products are sold in more than 70 countries. Its main customers are large producers in the food industry that use spices in the preparation of their products (meat, sauces, ready to eat food, soups…), as well as spices packers.

Ramón Sabater has a full lab team specialized in chemistry, microbiology and food technology. The company uses the most effective computer systems and the best automated control systems to obtain the highest levels of traceability and total control, ensuring the highest quality.

Why did we invest in Sabater?

  • Industry with attractive underlying growth dynamics: c.3% annual growth on a global basis
  • World leader in paprika
  • Downside protection: Company has sailed through the crisis maintaining shares and profitability
  • Seasoned Management: CEO with over 20 years experience in the sector