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Blue Sea Hotels & Resorts is committed to becoming a leader in its segment.

Type of Operation



Portobello Fund III

Investment date

January 2017


Holiday hotels and resorts chain

Blue Sea Hotels & Resorts is a hotel and resort chain that currently has 26 hotels and aims to become a leader in its segment.

The company focuses on three- and four-star hotels and resorts, aimed at «value for money» customers. It has about 4,600 rooms and its clients are mostly foreigners.

Why did we invest in Blue Sea Hotels?

  • Growth: tourism in Spain has been growing consistently over the past decades
  • Quantitative Leaps: consolidate a fragmented industry with an experienced management team
  • Create the number one 3 & 4 stars holiday hotels chain in Spain
  • Experienced management team which has built this company since 2010 from scratch