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Festa is a Spanish women’s fashion retailer founded in 1984 which manufactures 80% of its products in Spain.

Type of Operation



Portobello Secondary Fund I

Investment date

Oct 2006 / Exit date: Jan 2016


Women fashion retail stores

It has 39 stores located in prime commercial areas of the cities and first-class shopping centers, and it aims to keep expanding its network of stores in other Spanish sites.

Why did we invest in Festa?

  • Clear market positioning and well defined niche: middle aged woman, low prices, wide variety and large sizes.
  • Growth potential: Capacity to open further 100 stores, corners in large retailers, etc…
  • Low competition, as it is a niche that has not been exploited by large fashion retailers.
  • Attractive management model: management reactive to sales, quick turnover, zero stock policy, loyal supplier base.