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Caiba is the leading Spanish manufacturer of PET preforms and containers

Type of Operation



Fondo IV & Portobello Coinvestment

Investment date

June 2021


Manufacturer of PET preforms and containers

Founded in 1955 and based in Valencia, Caiba is dedicated to the production and commercialization of PET preforms and containers in Spain.

In addition to the production at its own manufacturing plants, Caiba has an in-house business model which consists of blowing the preforms and producing the containers at clients’ facilities. This model allows to reduce Co2 emissions as containers do not need to be transported to the client.

Caiba has three manufacturing plants located across Spain (Valencia, Jaén and Toledo) and 28 in-house lines that ensure proximity to clients. The Company targets different end markets including olive oil, household, water and juice markets.

Why did we invest in Caiba?

> Sustainable long-term market fundamentals with PET gaining share to other packaging alternatives given better material attributes

> Leading market positioning

> Diversified business model offering both preforms and containers to a variety of end-markets

> Visibility on in-house contracted volumes

> Stable and well-diversified customer base with +800 clients

> Multiple avenues of growth, including growth in new end-markets and inorganic opportunities in Spain and Southern Europe

> Strong and cohesive management team