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Grupo IAN acquires a majority stake in INTERAL, S.A.


Grupo IAN, fully owned by Portobello Capital Fund III, FCR, announces that this week it has carried out the acquisition of a majority stake in INTERAL, S.A. a leading company with a long tradition in the food industry.

The company specializes in liquid and dehydrated solutions in the environment, it is recognized for the high quality of its products and its advanced facilities, it has two plants located in Lezo (Guipúzcoa) and Funes (Navarra). The company reached 56.6 million euros in turnover in 2018 thanks to its wide range of products such as broths, creams, soups and sauces. Its main market is the large distribution nationwide and exports 28% of its turnover.

This operation is to be carried out within the framework of growth strategy that Grupo IAN has started since the purchase of the company by Portobello Capital in 2015. Grupo IAN has previously acquired Conservas Taboada in Navarra and La Noreñense (Asturias) to continue consolidating leading food industries that are capable of increasing their sales both in Spain and internationally.

Alejandro Martínez, managing director of Grupo IAN, has said: “This purchase will mainly allow us to expand and consolidate our prepared dishes business, complement our product catalog with liquid and dehydrated solutions and achieve a greater market share. Also, will contribute to foster the Group’s development in all segments: retail, food service and export.”

Santiago Orlando, general manager of Interal, S.A., has said: “”It is a great opportunity for Interal, its workers, suppliers and customers. This new situation will allow us to offer a more complete offer of solutions and prepared dishes, maintaining our quality standards as well as undertaking a future of expansion that will surely benefit all those integrated in this value chain “.

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