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Top 100 CFO of the Year Award


Top 100 CFO of the Year Award


This role (CFO) has gained importance during the crisis and has become a key element in the steering committees. Actualidad Económica and KPMG award the most valuable professionals in Spain.

Four years of decline in consumerism and an economy in recession is the difficult game that CFOs had to battle in Spain. The margins of some companies have dropped to half and the leverage levels have rocketed in the middle of a prolonged lack of liquidity….

… The CFO’s roll has regained a crucial relevance in the company. Nowadays, it is considered as a strategic position providing added value on decision making, while before the crisis it was considered, in some cases, as a back office job. This is the result from the survey carried out, for the fourth consecutive year, by Actualidad Económica, in cooperation with the professional services firm KPMG, and which is a base for the elaboration of the 100 best financiers in Spain ranking. This table has become, in a short period of time, a reference for the sector. On this occasion, nearly 2,000 CFOs of business from all sectors of the Spanish economy have taken part. …

… Out of the 100 award-winners, a dozen work on quoted companies. Female representation is still symbolic: 16 women within a clearly male-dominated classification…


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