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Productos Noreñenses, second add-on para Grupo IAN


Productos Noreñenses, second add-on para Grupo IAN


Grupo IAN announces that, on December 15th, it has carried out the purchase operation for which Productos Noreñenses, S.L. will become part of Grupo Alimentario IAN. This operation is part of the growth strategy that Grupo IAN has initiated since the purchase of the company by Portobello Capital in 2015.

Productos Noreñenses S.L. is a company of long tradition and reference in the sector of prepared meat dishes, recognized by the high quality of its products and its leading installations. Located in Noreña (Asturias), the company achieved sales of 17.54 million euros in 2015 thanks to its wide range of canned prepared dishes based on pork, chicken, beef, fish and vegetables. Its main market is the large distribution at national level.

According to Alejandro Martínez, CEO of Grupo IAN: «This purchase will mainly allow us to expand and consolidate our ready-made dishes business, to complement our product catalog in a broad format and to achieve a greater market share.» «Likewise,» Martínez concludes, «it will help foster the development of the Group in all segments: retail, food service and export.»

According to Aquilino Fonseca, CEO of Productos Noreñenses, S.L., «this is a great opportunity for Productos Noreñense, its workers, suppliers and customers. This new situation will allow us to offer a more complete range of Prepared Dishes, maintaining our quality standards, as well as embarking on an expansion future that will surely benefit all those integrated in this value chain. «


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