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Multiasistencia restructures the company to reinforce its growth in Spain and France


Multiasistencia restructures the company to reinforce its growth in Spain and France


Multiasistencia, group focused on claim management from multi-risk comprehensive polices and other value added solutions for big corporations, has appointed Borja Diaz as General Manager for Spain and Iñigo Astarloa as General Manager for France.

The company has a distinguishing offer based on specialized claim management and a model focused on providing quality to the policy-holder, cost control, flexibility and reduction of time of response.

Borja Diaz, currently General Manager of the MGA business line, takes over the development of the business in Spain. Borja has been in Multiasistencia for 6 years, he has been member of the Executive Committee for the last 4 years and has held several managerial positions, helping the company to grow in various business lines. Prior to joining Multiasistencia, Borja Díaz worked for over 10 years advising private equity companies with KPMG and in strategic consulting with Bain & Company.

Currently, Multiasistencia manages over 700,000 claims all over Spain, with a 35% market share in outsourced claim management, and has over 4 million clients through loyalty and attraction programs with over 300 contributor companies. Borja Diaz’s challenge will be to continue boosting growth in the core business of the company, the claim management from insurance companies’ portfolios including multi-risk comprehensive policies for homes, shops and neighborhood associations, taking advantage of Multiasistencia’s strong specialization in this business and in the various kinds of damages and its broad regional coverage. He will also boost the development of new products and solutions to help improving the insurers’ policies, as well as other value added solutions and loyalty programs for big corporations.

Growth boost in the French market

On the other hand, Iñigo Astarloa, who was General Manager of Insurance Spain where he contributed to the sustained growth of the claim management business for the last 4 years, will take over the General Management for Multiasistencia in France.

Iñigo Astarloa joined the company in 2001 and he is member of the Executive Committee. Prior to joining Multiasistencia, he worked in the organizational area of Banco Santander in Spain; in Sara Lee in Belgium and Barcelona and as a strategy advisor in Andersen Consulting.

As in Spain, Multiasistencia has been pioneer in introducing a model for claims management and comprehensive repairs for insurance companies in France, where the compensation solution is still more widely use than the repairing solution. Under Iñigo Astarloa’s management, Multiasistencia faces the challenge to develop, consolidate its leadership and boost a strong growth by offering a repairing solution that provides a more cost efficient management formula of higher quality in the French market, which doubles in size the Spanish market.



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