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Multiasistencia pursues its international expansion with the entrance into the Italian market


Multiasistencia pursues its international expansion with the entrance into the Italian market


Acquires 65% of the company Alma, specialized in claims management Multi Risk
Multiasistencia has acquired 65% of the Italian company Alma, s.r.l., specialized in mass claims management coming from Multi Risks policies and possesses up to 7% market share. This transaction is framed into the international expansion, operating, besides Spain, in Brazil, France and Portugal.
Alma’s presidency will be taken by Javier Bartolomé, CEO of Multiasistencia and Jèremie Boussand, who have so far been the director of Operational Projects, will be the managing director of the Italian subsidiary. The remaining 35% of the company will be left to its current shareholders, Alfa s.p.a., business firm dedicated to medium and high amount expertise claims.
Alma is based in Bologna and a staff of 30 employees. Last year, Alma managed more than 33,000 claims, mainly electrical damage and water damage, with a total value of claims managed of 40 million euros.
The company has over 25 years experience in the Italian market and works for major insurers, to which provides management of mass claims (at a lower cost 10,000 euros) by the visit of an expert and management compensation. In Italy, all claims coming from multi risk policies are managed by the compensation procedure.
Multiasistencia input on the Italian market will include the introduction of its model repairing solution in claims management, which has already been implemented in other countries. This model can mean savings of up to 30% of the cost of the claims of home for the insurance companies.
«The implementation of our model of repairing solution in Italy will help insurers to adjust costs, improve repair times, reduce fraud and increase the quality perceived by the insured», says Bartolomé.