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Company description
Leader in claims management and repairs in households, Multiasistencia holds more than 30 years’ experience and more than 1000 employees. Multiasistencia works for the main insurance companies and bancassurance operators. Operates in Spain, France and Portugal, countries in which it is market leader in the outsourcing of claims management. In addition, since 2013 it is present in Brazil.
Why do we invest in Multiasistencia?  

  • Uncorrelated growth: Strong growth potential for claim management outsourcing.
  • Quantitative leaps: New geographies, new distribution channels and new products.
  • Industry leader: Clear leadership position in Spain (35% market share) and France (65% market share).
  • Best-in-niche CEO: Mr. Bartolomé well known to Portobello’s partners, had overseen the company’s turnaround 10 years prior.
  • Strong cash flow generation with low capex.
  • Resilient margins and solid entry barriers.