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Legal Notice




Portobello Capital, S.L. has established technological security standards generally accepted with a view to protect the information provided by visitors from any misuse, loss or modification. Only the authorized personnel have access to the personal and identification information offered through this site. Those employees with access to that proprietary information shall keep it confidential. In the event of breach, the relevant penalties shall apply. This policy shall also apply to any entity related to Portobello Capital, S.L. receiving such information from Portobello Capital, S.L. Despite the above mentioned, all visitors shall be aware that our site contains links to other sites not governed by this or any other privacy policy.


I. General Information

The present legal notice has been drafted regarding and in compliance with the provisions of Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13th, on Personal Data Protection and with Law 34/2002, of July 11th on Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce.
The present Legal Notice governs the use of the Portal to which you can access through the Internet address www.portobellocapital.es (hereinafter «Portobellocapital.es»), which Portobello Capital, S.L. with residence at C/ Serrano 30, 2ª planta – Madrid 28001 Madrid, Spain and FIN number B86057122, makes available to the Internet users.
The above mentioned Web Page has been designed to make public the information, activities and services offered by Portobellocapital.es.
The use of the Portal confers the status of user of the Portal (hereinafter, the User) and implies the acceptance of all conditions included in this Legal Notice, the User having to read the present Legal Notice in each of the occasions it uses the Portal as its conditions of use may be modified.
Access to the Portal is free of charge and access save regarding the cost of the connection through the telecommunications network provided by the access supplier contracted by users.
The use of certain services offered to the Users through the Portal may be subjected to special conditions (hereinafter, the «Special Conditions») which, as the case may be, replace, complete and/or modify the present Legal Notice. Therefore, before the use of such services, the User shall also carefully read the relevant Special Conditions.
In any event, it is worth highlighting that the services provided by Portobellocapital.es have the cost established in the relevant commercial offer and, under no circumstance, shall be provided through the Portal.
The duration of the present agreement is limited to the use of the Portal, and therefore the contract shall finish when the Users disconnect from the Portal.

II. Use of the Portal

The User shall make a correct use of the Portal according to the Law and to the Present Legal Notice, being liable for the damages caused as a consequence of the breach of such obligation, if applicable.
Should the User wish to access Portobellocapital.es through the Portal, it shall register providing the information required, choosing a username and password to be kept and used diligently. In the data collection form, mandatory fields are under the privacy policy.
Moreover, the information provided by the User through the Portal form shall be true. Therefore the User guarantees the authenticity of all data provided and undertakes to keep the information provided to Portobellocapital.es totally updated so that it always responds to the real situation of the User, being the sole responsible of the false or inaccurate statements made and of the damages caused to Portobellocapital.es or to third parties for the information provided.

III. Links

Should an Internet user provide a link from its own Web Page to the Portal, such links shall only link to the Homepage of the Portal but may not reproduce it in any manner whatsoever and, in case of display of the contents of the Portal with contents alien thereto, these alien contents may not induce to error, confusion or swindle of the Users about the origin of the contents of the Portal, nor represent an act of comparison or disloyal imitation or use of the reputation of Portobellocapital.es.
The page introducing the link shall neither reflect any false or inaccurate statement about Portobellocapital.es, its partners, employees or clients, nor shall such page mention that it relies on Portobellocapital.es’s consent for the insertion of the link, or that Portobellocapital.es has any relation or collaboration whatsoever with such page.
Save in the cases permitted by law or expressly authorized by Portobellocapital.es, every time a direct link in the Portal is permitted, the use of any brand or distinctive symbol of Portobellocapital.es within the page of the link is totally forbidden.
The page establishing the link shall meet the law and not dispose or link with illegal contents or against morality and decent behavior.
In turn, the Portal includes linking technical devices providing the User access to other pages and Internet portals, Portobellocapital.es acting as provider of intermediation services according to article 17 of Law 34/2002, July 11th on Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce. Therefore it shall only be responsible for the contents and services provided in the sites linked, if being aware of the illegality, in the form foreseen by the Law on Information Society Services, has not deactivated the link.
The existence of linked sites does not imply the existence of agreements with the responsible or holders thereof, and Portobellocapital.es shall not be responsible for the damages suffered by the illegality, quality, outdate, unavailability, error and uselessness of the contents of such sites as it is not aware thereof. In any case, was the User aware that the linked sites refer to pages which contents or services are illegal or against morality, it shall notify it to Portobellocapital.es.
For these purposes, the email address info@portobellocapital.es is available. This way, users shall notify: name, address, telephone number and email address; details of the supposed illegal activity of the Portal; facts or circumstances showing the illegal nature of such activity;

IV. Intellectual and Industrial Property

Portobellocapital.es reserves all rights on the brands, commercial names or other distinctive symbols, patents and intellectual property, regarding the content and design of the Internet Portal.
Specially, the contents appearing or which may appear in the Portal (texts, photographs, graphs, images, logos, software, links, graphic designs, source codes, etc.) are owned by Portobellocapital.es or by third parties expressly authorizing Portobellocapital.es their inclusion in the Portal. Under no circumstance, shall be understood that Portobellocapital.es grants the user any license whatsoever or that it renounces, transfers or totally or partially assigns its rights on such contents, nor does it grant any transformation, exploitation, reproduction, distribution or public communication right on the contents.
Likewise, the brands, commercial names and other distinctive symbols exposed in this Portal are owned by their relevant owners. The User accepts that the access to these Internet Services shall not be understood as the tacit assignment, in virtue of the principle of your own actions or of any other mechanism, of any license or right of use of any brand, commercial name or any other distinctive symbol of this Portal without the previous consent in writing of Portobellocapital.es or their relevant owners.

V. Liability

Portobellocapital.es does not have the obligation to verify the veracity, accuracy and update of the information provided through its Web Page. Portobellocapital.es is not responsible for the decisions made based on the information supplied in the Portal, nor of the damages suffered by the User in reason of the actions based only on the information obtained from the Portal, as the contents of this page are of a general nature and do not represent the provision of professional services, so such information shall not suffice to make professional or corporate decisions by the User.
Access to the Portal does not imply the obligation by Portobellocapital.es to control the absence of virus or any other harmful informatic element, the User having to rely on the tools necessary for the detection and disinfection of harmful informatic programs, so Portobellocapital.es shall not be responsible for the damages suffered by the informatic devices of the Users or of third parties during the provision of the services of the Portal.
Portobellocapital.es shall not be responsible for the damages suffered by the User caused by a failure or disconnection of the telecommunication networks leading to a suspension, cancelation or interruption of the service of the Portal during the provision of such service or with a previous or subsequent nature.

VI. Personal Data Protection

Portobellocapital.es guarantees that it meets the safety requirements mentioned in the Regulation of Safety Measures of the automated files containing personal data approved by Royeal Decree 1720/2007, December 21st.
The information collected in this form of the Portal shall be included in an automated file of the personal data under the responsibility of Portobello Capital, S.L., and which shall be registered in the Data Protection Agency. Portobellocapital.es shall handle the information confidentially and exclusively for the declared purpose. Portobellocapital.es shall cancel or erase the information whenever they are inaccurate, incomplete or if they are not necessary or appropriate for their purpose according to the legislation regarding data protection.
The User may exercise its access, rectification, cancellation and challenge rights by contacting the responsible of the file in the address mentioned in Clause I or at «info@portobellocapital.es», with the reference «Data Protection».
By means of this document, the Users consents that the responsible of the file notifies its personal data to the companies mentioned below, for the fulfillment of the purposes above mentioned, unless it is otherwise expressly stated.
Portobello Capital, S.L.
C/ Serrano 30, 2ª planta
Madrid 28001 Madrid
Portobello Capital Advisors, S.L.
C/ Serrano 30, 2ª planta
Madrid 28001 Madrid
Portobello Capital Gestión SGECR, S.A.
C/ Serrano 30, 2ª planta
Madrid 28001 Madrid
Portobellocapital.es may use cookies during the provision of the services of the Portal although the User has the possibility to configure its browser in a way that it avoids the creation of cookies or it warns when this happens. Cookies are automatic procedures for the collection of information regarding the preferences of a user during its visit to a specific web page. This information is registered in small files kept in the informatics devices of the User and each time the User access the Web Site, these files are automatically activated with a view to configure the Web Site with the preferences showed in previous visits.
Should the browser of the User be Explorer 6, it is advised to mark the checks of «Overwrite the automatic administration of cookies» and the option «Accept» of «cookies of origin» and «cookies of third parties» for a correct operation in the option of the browser «Tools/Internet Options/Privacy/Advanced Options». In addition, it is convenient to mark the check of «Accept always the session cookies».

VII. Legislation

The present Legal Notice is governed in each and all of its aspects by the Spanish law and any controversy arising thereof shall be solved by the Courts of the City of Madrid.
Anyhow, it would be possible to solve any dispute by means of Arbitration in Law:
«In the event of disputes regarding the Portal, the parties agree, waiving, as the case may be, their own jurisdiction, to solve it by Arbitration in Law within the Arbitration Court of Madrid of the Official Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Madrid, to which the administration of arbitration and appointment of arbitrators is entrusted according to its Regulations and Articles».

Privacy Policies


The present privacy policies are applied to Portobello Capital, S.L. and to any of its affiliates controlling or using the information obtained from this site.
If you, as visitor, decide to register and provide your information to this site, it is understood that you accept the use of this information according to these privacy policies. It is worth highlighting that this site contains links to other sites, including those of other members of the company and affiliates of Portobello Capital, S.L., which are not governed by these privacy policies.
Should you have any question regarding these privacy policies or should you consider that your request has not been solved, please forward your question to the administrator of services of the site administrator using the link of «info@portobellocapital.es».

Information collection

Visitors are not obliged to provide personal information to use the site. The site only collects the personal information serving the identification of the user, such information being provided by the visitor. Among the information requested we find, among others, the name, current position, company, address, email address, telephone, etc.
Portobello Capital, S.L. does not normally request proprietary information from the visitors, i.e.: information related to the race or ethnic origin, religious believes, criminal record, mental or physical health or sexual orientation. Should we request proprietary information, the consent of the visitor will be requested to collect and use such information.

«Cookies» and «Beacons»

In order to guarantee that our Web Page is being correctly used and to enable a better browsing, both us and our Web services provider(s) may use «cookies» (small text files stored in the browser of the user) or «web beacons» (electronic images allowing the Web Site to find the number of visitors entering a specific page and access to certain «cookies») to store and add information. We will be able to use these tools to scan information in our systems and identify categories of visitors per issues such as IP addresses, domains, browser type and pages visited. This information is reported to our Webmaster, which will use it to analyze the number of visitors of the different areas of the site and to guarantee therefore the use of our site as a useful and effective source of information.
Both the «cookies» and «web beacons» store personal information such as names and electronic addresses. Most browsers allow users to reject «cookies». In order to obtain more information regarding «cookies» and how to reject them visit section «Cookies» at the end of the Privacy Policies. It is worth mentioning that in specific circumstances, access may be denied in certain parts of our site to such visitors whose browser does not allow the use of «cookies».

Use of the information

Personal information shall only be used for limited purposes, such as, when the visitor is registered in the site to have access to a privileged content or requiring any information regarding the areas of interest of Portobellocapital.es, such as specific publications of Portobellocapital.es or marketing campaigns. We will probably use the information provided to create a persona profile with a view to offer answers to your questions in an efficient manner. Moreover, we will use the information to customize the display of the site whenever the user visits it. Whenever you decide to register online for an event sponsored by Portobellocapital.es, we will use the information provided by you to send you an answer. Moreover, the site administrator may, if necessary, use the information to develop all tasks related to the site.
Portobello Capital, S.L. shall make sure that its marketing services meet the services applicable and implement the procedures to obtain the necessary consent before sending to our visitors an email with the services offered by Portobellocapital.es. At any time you may request this information is not sent to you.

Disclosure of the information to third parties

Despite that we will provide information of our visitors to the supplier of the services controlling the information in our name, we will not normally share this information with third parties or other entities of Portobellocapital.es, for other purposes save another person reveals this information upon its achievement.
Personal information may be transferred internationally to third parties with the purposes mentioned above. This includes the transfer to countries without similar regulations on data protection to those of your country of residence. If the visitor provides that information to Portobello Capital, S.L. through its site, you will be consenting to such transfer.
Whenever it is considered necessary, personal information may be disclosed should it be stated by law, to any authority or third party needing it to meet any obligation or legal request.

Access to the information

It is our obligation to provide reasonable access to the visitors who wish to revise their personal information provided when they register in our site and to correct any inaccuracy. Visitors choosing to register may enter their profile, correct and update any detail of its information and unsubscribe at any time. Visitors with problems to access their profiles or who need a copy of their information may contact the site administrator using the link of «info@portobellocapital.es». We will always handle your access or change of information requests according to the applicable legal requirements.

Security of the information

Portobello Capital, S.L. has implemented reasonable commercial standards of operational technology and security to protect all the information provided by our visitors in the event of loss, misuse, alteration or destruction.

Amendments of our privacy policy

Portobello Capital, S.L. se reserves the right to modify or add these privacy policies at any time and for any reason. Nothing herein contained shall establish or try to establish a contract or agreement between Portobello Capital, S.L. and any of the users visiting or providing information which may identify them in any manner whatsoever.

Protection of privacy of minors

Portobello Capital, S.L. understands the importance of online protection of the privacy of minors worldwide. This site, governed by this security policy, is neither designed nor intentionally addressed to minors. It is not our policy to collect or keep information of minors.

Questions of our visitors

If you have any question or comment regarding the privacy policies while you use this site, please send it to the site administrator used the link «info@portobellocapital.es».


How to configure your Web Browser

If you are using Netscape 3.0 or a later version or Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 or a later version, you may configure your Web browser to be notified before accepting the «cookies». If you choose this option, you will receive a warning each time a «cookie» is sent to you and you will have the option of accepting or rejecting it.
If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape browser versions 4.0 and later versions, you may choose to reject all «cookies», accept some or be notified before accepting them.

Netscape Navigator (Windows y Macintosh).

In version 7.0 go to the «Edit» menu and select «Preferences.» In the menu of the left panel click on «Privacy and Security,» then select section «Cookies» and select one of the options to reject some, reject all or request notification before accepting the new «cookies». After making your selection, click on «OK».
In version 4.0 go to the «Edit» menu and select «Preferences.» In the menu of the left panel click on «Advanced». On the right panel, go to the section «Cookies» and select one of the options to reject some, reject all or request notification before accepting the new «cookies». After making your selection, click on «OK».
In version 3.0 go to menu «Options» and select «Network Preferences». Afterwards, select the option «Protocols». Go to section «Show an alert» and choose the option «Accepting a Cookie.» This means that you can read each new «cookie» and click on «OK» to accept it or «Cancel» to reject it. After making your selection, click on «OK».

Internet Explorer (Windows)

In version 6.0 go to menu «Tools» and select «Internet Options.» Choose option «Privacy» at the top. Go to «Settings.» To disable select «High». Click on «OK» to save changes.
In version 5.0 go to menu «Tools» and select «Internet Options.» Choose option «Privacy» at the top. Select «Custom level». Go down to section «Cookies» and choose «Disable.» Select «OK» to save the changes.
In version 4.0 go to menu «View» and select «Internet Options». Select the option «Advanced». Go down to the section of «Cookies». There, you will be able to select between accepting all, request notification before accepting them or rejecting all. After making your selection, click on «OK».
In version 3.0 go to menu «View» and select «Options». Select the option «Advanced». In the section «Warnings», choose the section, select the option «Warn» before accepting the «cookies». This means that you can read each new «cookie» and click on «OK» to accept it or «Cancel» to reject it. After making your selection, click on «OK».

Internet Explorer (Macintosh)

In version 3.0 and later versions, go to menu «Edit» and select «Preferences.» On the left menu go to «Cookies» (you might have to select the small arrow by «Receiving Files» to see the option «Cookies»). On the right, find the menu «When receiving cookies» and select «Ask for each cookie». This means that you can read each new «cookie» and click on «OK» to accept it or «Cancel» to cancel it. After making your selection, click on «OK».