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Company description
Laulagun Bearings designs, manufactures and commercialises special large diameter bearings and slewing rings for a wide range of applications. The main business is the wind energy industry but it is involved also in lifting machinery, infrastructure and water treatment industries, among others.
The Company is based in Olaberria. It has a second factory and a Testing and R&D centre, a simulation and validation facility to support product development, in Idiazabal. Both are towns of the Spanish region of Basque Country.
It exports almost 80% of its production. It has presence in the most competitive, and demanding markets of Europe, America and Asia.
Why did we invest in Laulagun?

  • Uncorrelated growth:
    • Strong market growth – growing global demand for wind energy
  • Quantitative leaps:
    • Expand client base by entering new clients in the windmill sector
    • Expand manufacturing facilities to attend the growing demand in the coming years
  • Industry Leader:
    • Absolute leader in the main models for blue chip windmill clients
    • Exports ~80% of its production to European countries