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Krissia’s new products


Krissia’s new products
Variety is one of the keys of a healthy and balanced diet. This is why Krissia’s new solutions allow up to a 1000 different ways to consume its products.
In salads, snacks, seafood cocktails and even brochettes and sandwiches. They can be eaten cold or hot, for a snack or as a main course, these new ready-to-eat products keep all Mediterranean flavours, becoming one of healthiest and easy to use options available in the market.
Pintxo de Marisco (Seafood snack), Krissia Bocado (Krissia’s bite) and Krissia Bocado Mediterráneo (Krissia’s Mediterranean Bite), from Angulas Aguinaga, are suitable for the most exclusive palates, thanks to their quality, but, also bearing in mind all nutritional qualities.
These products are suitable for celiac people, as they are gluten free, and they also have a low sugar content and are a natural source of Omega3 and proteins. With all these qualities, this new range of products becomes a complete delicacy that allows us to enjoy seafood all year round.
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