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Krissia widens its range with two new products.


Krissia widens its range with two new products.


Angulas Aguinaga has added two new references to its Krissia product range: Pintxo de Marisco (Seafood snack) and Krissia Bocado Mediterrano (Krissia’s Mediterraneam Bite). These new varieties stand out as they can be eaten cold or hot. Also, they can be enjoyed on their own or as a complement or ingredient in more elaborated dishes.

Pintxo de Marisco, made with surimi, is offered as an answer for those wanting to make pinchos, stuffed ones especially, but also to help on the elaboration of various dishes thanks to its seafood flavor. Meanwhile, Krissia Bocado Mediterraneo is a complement for cold or hot dishes, as well as a snack or starter. It includes black and green olives, cheese cubes and basil, which makes it an ideal product for salad making.


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