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iChoc, Summer Sweet Temptation


iChoc, Summer Sweet Temptation


ICFC gets the best rating with its Origins Madagascar Ichoc among the top 50 ice cream market, evaluated by Fuera de Serie, a magazine section of the newspaper El Mundo.
Ice Cream Factory has positioned 14 of its best ice creams among the top 50 best rated on the market. A tasting committee formed by expert chefs and critics have qualified each of the ice creams considering its composition, presentation and volume, as well as its visual quality, texture, aroma and flavor.
To evaluate from a critical and objective perspective, the samples were divided into three categories: sorbets, creams and chocolates. In the category of chocolates, Ice Cream Factory has taken over the first 3 positions.
The first place is for iChoc Origins Madagascar, which has been described as an ice cream «for chocolate lovers» followed by iChoc Origins Ecuador, which highlights its «creamy inside» and thirdly the iChoc Style Belgium, a groundbreaking concept snack in a cone shape «of great quality and a crunchy touch». In sorbets, our Frutti Ice Cream Hero, that seems «more homemade than the competition, with less ice and more fruit».
In creams category, we find the mini cones iChoc Style taste of London, with the type of toffee that the British love, «an excellent ice cream for foodies anglophile». Moreover, Ice Cream Factory positions other range ice creams such as fruit sorbet, chocolate mini double coverage, cones and sandwiches duo, confirming the high quality of all our products.
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