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IAN acquires Conservas Taboada


IAN acquires Conservas Taboada


IAN is a pioneer in canned vegetables and a leader in prepared dishes under the brand Carretilla
After the purchase of Industrias Alimentarias de Navarra, Portobello Capital has acquired Taboada, a company with a long expertise in canned vegetables. In this way begins the consolidation and expansion project of IAN, which will allow increase its market share to achieve goals such as growth and leadership, pursued since the incorporation of Portobello Capital.
Taboada has a wide range of products. Its highlights are the canned tomatoes and sauces, legumes and vegetables. Taboada is located in Funes (Navarra). In 2014 it reached a turnover of € 22.7mm. Its main market is the Food Service in France.
IAN,Industrias Alimentarias de Navarra , manufactures and markets canned vegetables and is a pioneer in microwaveable ready meals. In 2014 achieved sales of EUR 111mm, with 25% of exports. It has two production factories in the peninsula, in Villafranca and Caceres and a third in the city of Bao Ling, China. Among the brands sold by the company, Carretilla stands out being a national market leader of asparagus and prepared meals.