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GrupoUno CTC acquires Linser Log


GrupoUno CTC acquires Linser Log


GrupoUno CTC is a leading Spanish company in outsourcing, industrial, logistical and operational marketing processes that has acquired the company Linser Log to strengthening its presence and capacity in northern Spain and industrial sectors strategic.
Linser Log is a company specialized in outsourcing logistics and industrial processes in their own facilities and the end customer. Linser Log is headquartered in Ansoáin (Navarra). The company contemplates to bill around 4.7 million euros in 2015, with a workforce of 100 employees.
Its current operations manager, Lorenzo Gomez de Segura, will continue to lead the organization, which will be integrated within the Industry division GrupoUno CTC, who heads Raul Moreira.
The CEO of GrupoUno CTC, Juan Cruz Alcalde, describes the acquisition as «a new and important step in the group’s strategy,» characterized by sustained organic growth and selective acquisitions «that we provide not just volume but capacities, markets or competitive advantages that benefit our customers.»
GrupoUno CTC is the result of the integration of Stock Uno and CTC outsourcing. It has a forecast turnover of 190 million euros in 2015, with offices in Barcelona, Madrid and eleven other Spanish cities and nationwide coverage. More than 8,000 employees of the Group provide service to multiple companies in different sectors, including a few of Ibex 35.