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The fans of La Roja create the FANS ALBUM lead by Hofmann.


The fans of La Roja create the FANS ALBUM lead by Hofmann.


The Fans Album is a digital photo-album prepared by supporters of the Spanish football team to thank La Roja for all the good moments lived during this 2012 European Football Championship.

Any fan of the Spanish team who wishes to, can send their pictures showing how they experienced the 2012 European Football Championship. The 200 pictures that will be part of this Fans’ Album will be chosen by popular vote from the very same fans.

Hofmann is the company in charge of organizing this event, having made an online application available to all Spanish fans.


This initiative has been welcomed by the national team’s supporters club in a fantastic manner. Inspired by Spain’s good game and the historic fact of winning successively the European, World and European championships, the fans have thrown themselves into this initiative and have already sent more than a thousand pictures.

The “Fans’ Album” will be handed in to the Spanish Team and published on the Internet before the 6th of July.