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Angulas Aguinaga will launch smoked salmon


A product is being tested in five points of sale
Angulas Aguinaga will launch smoked salmon
Angulas Aguinaga plans to enter the smoked salmon market, with product being tested in five points of sale, according to the company’s sources. It seems that, according to an interview published on Ikusmer’s website with Elen Orcolaga, Marketing Director of Angulas Aguinaga, the company has been working for two years on the development of this new range. Angulas Aguinaga will market its smoked salmon in slices and sheets, suggesting that these products will be available on-trade and off- trade and possibly in convenience stores.
Additionally, Angulas Aguinaga continued enlarging its portfolio during 2012 and among others, the company incorporated at the end of the year the reference “Mejillones con tomate con un toque picante” (Mussels with a touch of spicy tomato sauce). The product is sold in a package that the company has called “Open, heat and ready”, in a 125gr format, although it can be eaten either cold or hot (One minute in the microwave).
Some of the new developments presented by Angulas Aguinaga during last year are included in one of the company’s star ranges “Krissia”, of surimi based products: “Pintxo de Marisco” (Seafood snack) and “Krissia Bocado Mediterráneo” (Krissia’s Mediterranean Bite). It should also be highlighted the company’s investment on the HORECA channel during 2012, with the above mentioned brand “Krissia”, as well as with “La Gula del Norte”.
Recently, the abovementioned Krissia’s “Pintxo de Marisco” and “Pintxo a la Donostiarra” have been chosen “2013 Products of the Year”, within the “readymade fish” category. While, in 2012, the award went to “Mejillón de Angulas Aguinaga” (Mussels of Angulas Aguinaga), within the same category.