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Angulas Aguinaga and Clavo Congelados join forces to launch a new product


Angulas Aguinaga is speacialised on surimi and Clavo Congelados on the manufacturing of quality food focused on traditional distribution.
The new product, surimi-based rings, expects to shake the current market up with a reference of quality and highly differentiated characteristics versus the current available products: great flavor and texture (stable, firm, bite-resistant and without membrane). It doesn’t lose any water while cooking and doesn’t splash while frying, obtaining a ring that doesn’t split from the batter.
Angulas Aguinaga relays on quality using an excellent raw material to produce the rings (high quality fish and squid protein); and Clavo Congelados contributes all its knowledge and expertise in the battering process. This cooperation will allow both companies to widen their horizons and reach new markets. The product will be launched in consumer format as well as in big format for the Horeca sector.
Angulas Aguinaga, company specialized on surimi, aims to offer consumers high sensory quality products. Krissia and La Gula del Norte are some of its brands. Clavo Congelados is a company focused on manufacturing quality food products for the traditional distribution, searching constantly for the return to the product’s origins, to its essence. Thanks to its two factories and 400 staff, it holds more than 200 references.