Corporate ICT solutions

May 2020

Certified testing services and advanced essays

Jul 2020

Metal parts manufacturing

Jan 2020

Pet food manufacturer

Jul 2019

Sport centre operator

Nov 2017

Dental care and aesthetic medicine

Jul 2017

Holiday hotels and resorts chain

Jan 2017

Digital Signage

Apr 2016

Processing and distribution of paprika, spices and herbs

Mar 2016

Wild-catch fishing of hake, schrimp and squid

Dec 2015

Smart city management

Oct 2015

Canned food and prepared meals

Mar 2015

Elderly Care Homes

Nov 2014

Catering services to hospitals and schools

Jul 2015

Value-added fish products; ready-to-eat and refrigerated

Jul 2015

Outsourcing in Industrial, logistic and operational marketing services.

Jul 2015