The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Policy of Portobello Capital has been created as an attempt to optimize financial investment and contribute to creating value by aligning our activity and that of our subsidiary companies.
The object of this Policy is to establish the basic principles and the general framework of action for the management of the corporate social responsibility practices that the company undertakes.

The CSR Policy will be applicable in Portobello and will be promoted in its subsidiaries through its representatives on the governing bodies, seeking to align their policies with those of Portobello Capital, so that they follow principles that are consistent with those established in this document.

Our commitment is not only to comply strictly with current legal obligations, but also to integrate social, employment and environmental concerns and respect for human rights voluntarily in our management, strategy, policy and procedure. Accordingly, our commitment is based on the following pillars:

  • Social Responsibility
    Economic: Working to generate wealth in the surrounding environment, assuming that the activity of any business contributes to the creation of jobs and wealth in the local area where it is located. Obtaining profits by minimizing the economic, environmental and social costs. Collaborating with associations or foundations. Making social donations. Sponsorship of exhibitions and other socio-cultural activities.
    Value Chain: Guaranteeing respect for human rights, especially in the supplier chain.
    Employment: Guaranteeing equality of treatment, opportunities and pay. Guaranteeing job security. Promoting employee training. Promoting, as far as possible, the integration of vulnerable groups (people with a disability or at risk of social exclusion).
    Furthermore, in the event of leading acquisitions and mergers, we must strive to obtain possible synergies in the most suitable way for both organizations.
  • Environmental Responsibility
    Promoting reduced consumption and savings by adopting good practice that permits more efficient production processes.
    Optimizing the use of raw materials and other material (water, paper, energy, etc.)
  • Responsibility for Good Governance
    Guaranteeing compliance with applicable laws and regulations. Working to achieve the independence of the companies’ Governing bodies.
    To favour an effective application of these commitments in our subsidiaries, we make a distinction between two types of companies where social responsibility focuses on different principles:
    • Production companies: the task is mainly focused on saving energy costs, which involves training and raising awareness in employees about saving in energy and raw material consumption. Strengthening the R&D departments which will result in an improvement in product quality.
    • Services companies: in these companies, emphasis is on the social and job-related task. Ensuring pay conditions and incentives to productivity.

At Portobello Capital we also have a commitment to our investors:
1. To manage economic resources efficiently, working on the creation of value.
2. For transparency. Providing them with all the information on our CSR policy and reporting on the progress made.