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Deal type:
Date of investment:
October 2015
Portobello Fund III
Smart city management

Company description

EYSA is a leading company in the management of regulated on-street parking contracts offering services and technology solutions to improve sustainable mobility in cities. EYSA operates 140.000 spaces across 60 cities in Spain and Latin America.

EYSA provides tailored services based on the requirements of each city: parking-meter centralization in public roads, integration of different payment methods and controlling systems for parking, optimized management of special spaces, access control to pedestrian areas, loading and unloading areas or the resident management, as well as regulated parking, construction and operating services of public and private off-street parking.

Why did we invest in Eysa?

  • Uncorrelated growth:
    • Favorable secular trends: smart mobility and towards public administration outsourcing
    • Potential to expand in adjacent services for municipalities
  • Quantitative leaps:
    • Internationalization potential
    • Add-ons
  • Industry Leader:
    • # 2 player of the Spanish on-street parking business
    • # 1 tax and sanction management player
    • Industry pioneer given technological know-how