Portobello Capital takes pride in being an independent investment firm that has helped building numerous industry leaders overtime.

Entrepreneurship, Challenging the conventional, and Innovative thinking inspire us in our search for long lasting value. We are of the believe that true leading Companies are cimented over sound rationale which is ultimately obtained through boldness in thinking and action.

Excellence, Trust and Integrity are values that lead our behaviour. Because in the long term, only teams and relationships that are founded on these values are enduring and lead to superior corporations.

We explain our success on the set of capabilities that we as a Team have developed overtime. Our focused and deep experience of the Spanish mid-market systematically allow us to source asymmetric deals. We savily search for ambitious companies with resourceful managers, that operate in growing niches. In doing so, we have consistently untapped leaders-to-be, and selected winning investment propositions. On managing them, our continuous search for quantitative leaps in strategy and operations, with controlling stakes upon Companies, have allowed us to provide superior returns to investors.

We at Portobello genuinely believe that on doing all of these we create well-being to our businesses and communities.