Portobello Capital’s priority is to maximize value for its investors and partners.

At Portobello Capital we systematically identify asymmetric deals:

  • Broken deals.
  • Misaligned stakeholders.
  • Complex situations.

We invest in companies with growth unrelated to Macro and with the following investment criteria:

  • Leading companies in underpenetrated market niches, defensive with non-cyclical characteristics, with cost advantages and clear growth potential, both domestic and internationally.
  • Top level in-house or external management team.
  • Leverage capacity.
  • Based in Spain.
  • Any industry sector excluding financial services, real estate and IT.
  • Enterprise value between €50 and €500 million.
  • Equity investment between €10 and €100 million.
  • Mostly controlling stakes.

We create value boosting real growth in the companies we invest in, playing an active part in their management:

  • Strengthing and incentivising their executive teams.
  • Working on the definition of the strategy.
  • Encouraging organic and inorganic growth, in domestic and foreign market.
  • Increasing operational efficiency.
  • Applying controls to provide maximum information and transparency.
  • Demanding financial discipline.
estrategia de inversión
Investment situations

We feel comfortable in almost any investment situation:

  • Transition in family-owned businesses.
  • Sale of non-core asset sales by industrials.
  • Involvement of management teams in the capital of the company (MBOs).
  • Consolidation/build up processes.
  • Opportunities for operational improvement.
  • Companies undervalued by the market.

The mayority of our investments have been originated proprietarily.

Types of operations

The most regular types of operations are:

  • Replacement capital: acquisitions of companies with and without debt (LBOs, MBOs, MBIs).
  • Development capital: injection of capital to accelerate growth and / or strengthen the financial structure.

We have a wide variety of capital solutions to suit all types of operations. We apply flexibility and creativity to adapt to the needs of our sellers, buyers and partners.