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International Day of Working Women


On International Women’s Day we will use to highlight the work carried out by one of the foundations with which we collaborate, Fundación Integra.

Many women face obstacles to access the labor market and this is even worse for women who have been in situations of social exclusion, such as women who have suffered gender violence, who have been prostitutes, inmates and ex-prisoners, ex-drug dependents …

In these cases, employment became the fundamental factor of inclusion, it is a necessary tool to select these women from autonomy and to survive onward.

In our collaboration with the Foundation we help the labor integration of women who are in severe social exclusion, last year 2017, 27 women had the opportunity to find volunteer work in Portobello Capital (and our portfolio companies) and Fundación Integra. What makes us very aware of the good we do and what we can do.

We hope to be more and more committed to such an enriching project that, literally, changes people’s lives.

Portobello Capital