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The Fund will be devoted to the international expansion of Angulas de Aguinaga and Industrias Alimentarias de Navarra (Carretilla).

“The investment in AGQ aims to support and promote the business and commercial development of one of the most recognized laboratory networks in our country, which is one of the key promoters and references of Spanish R&D and innovation in the world”, highlights Carlos Dolz, Partner at Portobello Capital.

Evolutio is a new company of telecommunications and cloud services that arises from the assets of BT Group in Spain.

TRISON in Spain has ordered 10,000 face protection screens to donate in A Coruña to elderly people centers, Protección Civil, Guardia Civil and local Police and three hospital centers.

BLUESEA Hotels has donated all kinds of sanitary material in order to reinforce hospitals’ resources and has decided to make part of its hotels available to government bodies in order to contribute to the fast eradication of the virus.

Mediterránea, the leader company in global services of catering, will donate 100 menus a day to the Red Cross to help improve the living conditions of homeless people during the coronavirus crisis.

Necsum Trison has been awarded once again for his great work in the Lagoh Shopping Center (Seville) by Entertainment Venuesas refering to the «best entertainment place in the world». The jury highlighted «the majestic combination of technology and applied digital art.» «Again, Necsum Trison remains positioned as a leader in the industry to which it belongs.»

NECSUM TRISON has been awarded with the Best International Entertainment Project on Public Spaces Award for the LAGOH project in Sevilla.

«… this AENOR certificate (…) Is another example of Angulas Aguinaga’s to its employees.»

«Relying on our key pillars such as innovation and our people we have managed to reach historical figures and take Angulas Aguinaga much further than we imagined in early 2017»

Angulas Aguinaga refuerza su apuesta internacional con la adquisición mayoritaria de Riunione, firma dedicada a la comercialización del salmón y otros productos de pescado y conservas en Italia.

Angulas Aguinaga strengthens its international commitment with the majority acquisition of Riunione, a firm engaged in the marketing of salmon and other fish and canned products in Italy.

Estamos encantados de entrar en una compañía industrial de nicho con la calidad de diseño, ingeniería y producto de USA Group . . .

We are delighted to enter a niche industrial company with the design, engineering and product quality of USA Group . . .

We are very pleased to invest in one of the leading providers of managed telecommunications services to the corporate market in Spain . . .

Portobello Capital has been awarded again for its excellence with a GOLD AWARD as the Best Spanish LBO Fund in the Private Equity Exchange & Awards.

Industrias Alimentarias de Navarra (IAN), especialista en conservas vegetales y platos preparados, continúa su expansión internacional.

A good deal of the sector points that they (Portobello Capital) are the reference fund in Spain, ‘the big brother’ of the ‘mid-market’.